Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Time Warner Cable

Dear Time Warner Cable/Roadrunner,

I have worked with you on your monopoly our relationship during absurd fees for services, and not even being aware of what exactly you are withholding in your lump sum I am paying for. I have gone insane trying to figure out why my computer won't connect to the internet, only to find it it's something going on with TimeWarner cable’s service being down.

I have resigned myself that a special wiring is needed in order to not have wireless computer connections, which work right sporadically at best all over the house. We weathered the storm when we found out that TIME WARNER fraudulently intentionally configured THEIR ROUTER (which we were required to rent) not to reach our whole house (as others were sharing a wireless connection).

However, this last Saturday when you assholes rearranged my channels, and changed them to ones that my programs were no longer available on.....especially Harper's Island. I won’t even rant about mention the debacle.

Let's just say, I've been re-evaluating your worth to our relationship and me thus far. Dumb
I can get on the computer connection that I already pay for. I can even get it in High Def, if that was a priority to me. I now cannot get certain programs available to me on my computer on your service AT ALL. I'm just saying a simple wire from my computer to large television screen gets me all the same programming. A 17.00 per month fee to Netflix gets me about 40 movies a month, and some of these can go through a box direct to my television making it at least twice the amount of movies!! If I rent from you, I am paying 4.00 for any
decent movie per piece!!

So I am paying 40.00 for online service, 40.00 for digital telephone mail (which apparently can also be worked through my computer instead for much less), 40.00 for box rentals, and 50.00 for cable. You see my dilemma, right? I could be paying 40.00 for online, less than 10.00 for digital telephone through my computer, 0.00 for box rentals, and
nothing for cable.

I am sorry for the abrupt "Dear John" letter, but this just is not working out for me.


Jane Doe

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