Sunday, May 03, 2009

You Might Be Twisted If...

This is a PSA for ways to identify whether you are, in fact, off your rocker or not:

1) You put caterpillars in your elementary school teachers shoes.
2) Had races with your childhood friends running around the house naked, as your friends (or you) tried to keep you (or them) out to be caught by the parents?
3) Sometimes eat meals backwards as the mood hits you (dinner, breakfast, lunch).
4) Spent hours thinking of products that could make you a millionaire using dog feces or dog drool.
5) Enjoy blogs posted by people clearly more disturbed than you.
6) You walked away from a high paying and power position to train dogs:)
7) Your idea of a cute man is a chubby Jewish guy with curly hair!
8) All your friends parents worried more about you than their kids when you were in college!
9) You had no interest in driving at age 16, and waited until it was a necessity at age 21.
10) Really enjoyed when your co-workers used to fart into the intercom at work.
11) Are sure of your own identity, and have walked your own path in life.
12) Watch Millionaire Matchmaker for any length of time (or perhaps you are more bored than disturbed, though I don't know)
13) Have a serious obsession with horror movies:)

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