Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Unbearably Hot to Chilly Willy

Maine had a pretty hot summer season this year. The weather was definitely for the beach. I was at home most of the time with 11 or more doggies to supervise and entertain, but I did make it out there on occasion.

Now, in typical Maine weather fashion, Fall seems to have slammed into us with chilly breezes in the late afternoon. Still beautiful out though, just need to recalibrate the old body to the temperature change. I am actually pretty thrilled to be able to layer in stuff to keep warm. Even by stuffing my bra with ice cubes, I was unable to keep the heat away, except by hiding in air conditioning. Training and watching dogs for a living, you do eventually need to come outside. The poor dogs this summer, they had nothing in the afternoon heat.

Now that it's Fall all the dogs have found their energy and play drive again. I am able to exercise and train outside, and actually be comfortable doing it again. I do love Fall.
And the best part is, IT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!! I am just a "little" nutty about the Halloween season. My decorations are already up.

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