Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Boy I Must Sound Horrible On This Blog

This blog represents my angst and frustration over having three people in my life who have brought nothing other than pain and hurt. Specifically they are my mother, my father, and my step-mother. Soon I will post the previous posts that I took off the previous blog when it was found by these people.

I am hoping they forgot my winterskibunny id, as I like it, and I can go on with posting. I was actually having productive conversations with other people that have gone through this. It is painful, but more painful is not only allowing others to mistreat you, but by paricipating by constantly being nice and cowtowing to them. Until one day you wake up and find, you have been sucking up to these vampiric monsters that want nothing more than to suck the life right out of you, and they won't be appeased until they succeed. The more you give, the more they complain and take take take take take, find fault, take, take take take, abuse you emotionally, take take take take, abuse you physically, take some more, and take and take and take.........................................

Into infinity, and you (meaning me) have allowed it!!! Holy shit. So if what I say in past and private postings sounds a tad harsh, it's me venting all the frustration of 39 years that have been pent up in me. Caged there by me thinking I was being good and patient and thoughtful. I mean they are my family after all. And that's my fault!!! I think not.

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