Saturday, April 29, 2006

Someone from The Home Town Checking In

Saw someone from my home town's been looking at my blogs. Don't think I left any clues to who I could possibly be, and have tried to search for myself to get to this blog, to no avail. Hoping it's not the B and T, good lord.Not that it makes any difference, but was hoping to keep this between me and the general public at large, sans them. Too many things could be completely mistrued. "For instance" the dad would love me a whole shit lot more, has nothing to do with any death wish on my part. More to do with the fact that he in fact is way more loving to people when he is on the podium at their funeral. Josh comes to mind for instance.Any way, hopefully it's someone at an educational facility doing research on family estrangement, and not the actually T himself. Not that it matters I guess, said most of this to him, except sans the profanity out of respect. And have been only respectful to the B in person, and this is my area to get out all the profane things that would have "felt good" to say, but were in fact NEVER EVER said to her or anything even close to it. And never would be, there is no reason to. Would be giving her power over me that she never deserves.

Any way, if you are B and T, go away, doubt there will be anything of interest to you here going forward, unless the B still thinks there is hope of selling our house, the opportunistic.....well you know.Good life, if it's you. Stay the heck out of mine----thanks.

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