Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dream of Tony and House of 1000 Corpses

These are two seperate dreams by the way on two seperate nights (full length features the both of them). I have been having nightmares galore lately. Could be from seeing Saw II finally, but was not overly impressed.

Dream 1:

Grandma Caputo just died. I go over the house to help dad and the bitch, when they didn't want me over to help, they plan to keep me there and poison me. They are hoping that their names are somewhere on my life insurance policy. Course where Robert is in the dream, and if they are planning on killing him too, I don't remember. No mystery what this dream means to me. Dad is a materialistic ass, and Betty Ann is even worse. People mean far less to them than money.

Dream 2:

I am stuck in the movie House of 1000 Corpses, I don't think this during the dream, but all the characters (bad guys and girls) are the same as the first movie. I am a really pretty girl of color (only part of the dream that is good, I have this amazing long curly black glossy hair). In the first dream sequence I am killed in a gory way right away (don't remember----think I blocked it out----I am sure I am not at a loss for images after Saw II). In each dream instead of being chase through the house and the caverns underneath, I am chased through the town where conveniently (or very inconveniently for me) everyone is friends with this family even when they appear to be trying to help you. Course the whole family also works in mundane jobs in the town, so you are likely to be spotted very quick, and then hunted down by the Dr Satan goons who ride a battered old VW van that's been scorched and banged up a bit.Then my parallel universe me gets to try again, I live longer, but in the end everyone is dead. There is a pack of people that I don't know that I am trapped with, but everyone is killed so quickly we don't get so well acquainted.Despite how it might sound now, I am terrified through the whole dream. Especially when they kill my dogs Jazz and Leon, who are mother and baby tiger pets of mine.Whooo boy, huh? No idea what this dream means except I probably watch way too many horror movies.

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