Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Final E-Mails

To Tony in response to following post:

You very well know that Robert also expressed BA shouldn't be brought up to me if you are going to hide behind my husband.And you could let me know you are going to honor that boundary in an e-mail without talking to me.That is obvious, and I shouldn't even have to state it. But then you had to get the last matyred word in.Robin

From Tony in Response to Following Post:

Robin,In my last communication with Robert, way back when this all came to a head, he advised me to do what is in my heart. I have, I've apologized. I can't do more than that, because I can't speak with you. I've done what is in my heart and you've done what is in your. You won't hear from me again, I love you and if you ever want to talk I'll be happy to talk with you. I only wish you and Robert the best

To Dad in Response to Below Apology:


I don't think it's nice not to respond to an apology. So in short, I wish I could accept the words below. I can't though, as they don't mesh with your actions.There are instances when you have known you were hurting me, and kept on doing it, especially in recent events, and not done what was needed to be done not to hurt me. I do understand this may not be deliberate, but that's not exactly comforting either. At least if it was deliberate, you would know the things you were doing were inappropriate.I do really need to spend time now on my growing business, marketing, taking care of my clients. We are at a known impass anyway, and any further discussion is an exercise that won't get either of us anywhere.I wish you well. I do thank you for the below thought. Please respect my wishes not to be contacted unless you can respect my boundaries. It's my fault this discussion has gone on for responding in the first place. I am sorry for that, and so I won't be responding again.Robert and I are well, and enjoying our life in Maine.Robin

Apology offered by Tony:

Its hard writing to you about how I feel and having you put a spin on it that was never intended.A. I wasn't the father I should have been to you during the divorce and during my remarriage.B. If I've done things to hurt you, and I have, I'm sorry.C. I'm not perfect, far from it. But, I'm not a person who would hurt you deliberately. I should have known what I was doing and I didn't. If you had told me what is was doing was hurting you I would have tried to fix it. We'll never know. My fault I hurt you, I take responsibility.Thats as clear as I can get. I hope that you can accept my apology.Dad

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Winterskiprincess said...


"We could no more have a relationship together and never talk about Robert, than we can and not talk about what happen between you and Bettyann. Bettyann is my wife and I love her just as you love Robert. They are part of our lives and we are who we are, in part, because of our relationship to our spouses. I don't expect that you will ever have a relationship with Bettyann or her with you. But if you and I are to have a relationship it needs to be honest and open, no subjects or issues forbidden." This is the "spin" where spermy accuses me of twisting his words. I believe I address his words, which seem pretty clear to me (he just does not like the answer) directly.