Sunday, March 26, 2006

Letting Go or Difficulty in Letting Go

Something I have in common with my mother, when someone royally pisses me off, I have a hard time letting go. Ginny (aka my mother) has left the group that I belong to. Hooray. So now I guess I can return the favor, and stop monitoring her blog. I know that is real inappropriate of me, and I am not trying to justify by saying it, but she's walked around and checked my house without permission, had a four year blog saying all sorts of untrue things about me (like I didn't care that my grandfather was dead), and been posting these sort of things on the group that I belong to a couple of years ago. Not that it's right, but I really really wanted her to feel what it's like being stalked. And I made sure to personally comment to her everytime (since I found her blog and her postings on the group) she posted a fabrication, an untruth, or misrepresented something I said.

I differ from my mother as my fit of pique is ending soon, having only gone on for months, and not ten years. It was interesting that again she made no apologies to the group that had to chase her away for the second time. You would think, if everyone is telling you your thinking and ways are warped, wouldn't you think about that------at least. Certaintly you might give THEM an apology. Guess it's nothing new to her that she never apologized to me.So good night mother martyr. I guess you can never say again that you don't know why the rift occurred. Of course, you can say it, but we will all know you are lying.

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