Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sorry I Was Wrong She is a Piece of Crap

Ginny continues to say things that "I said" using different words. I had not called her a piece of crap at all in the past, but she has changed my mind. She is a piece of crap in addition to the horrible hateful person she is. Oh, and she is a cunt too. And a bitch. And a whore. A fucking bitch cunt whore piece of horrible hateful crap. And maybe just maybe that will convince her to go the fuck away.

Piece of shit fucking cunt whore, is on a group for estranged people. When I first joined, I was not aware she was on there and was talking about my dad. Then some "friend" of hers e-mailed me with some questions. Apparently she had directed her friends to my website. So I searched for her "blog" found it, and found she was on my group. I looked up her hateful postings about me on the group, where she basically said I had no feelings about my grandfather's or step-brother's death.

Any way, so I used aliases on the group, she identified me and her. Now she's on the group talking to me, the fucking bitch cunt whore, and trying to again continue the argument. Piece of crap. I have gone from disdain to disgust. She really is a piece of crap in addition to the above, she is right. I apologize mom, I was wrong, you are a piece of crap fucking cunt whore.

My bad.

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