Friday, March 10, 2006

For Those About to Post

There are those people out there, people that I don't want on my blog (my mother see estrangement posts early on) that make certain assumptions, negative ones of course, based on things I write, which quite frankly are none of their business, except that they find my public blog out there, and while they say they knew peeking at my private family page was wrong, have taken to coming on here regularly for their own purposes. So before this person begins posting:

  1. Our house hasn't sold, but we were prepared for that and have savings. This is a blog where I post certain stresses that are normal, which I am having. I have taken certain self employment risks, and real estate risks to secure my future, as I have done in the past. I am pretty good at these types of things, as you will note by my success to date.
  2. ) In corporate America mergers happen. Robert's companies are merging, and will probably not be in this area. This is common. In the past when you wrote "I don't know why she lost her job she was a hard worker" you are right. I didn't loose my job, my companies were moved to Wisconsin and Georgia. I was offered jobs there, and I declined as I did not want to live in Wisconsin or Georgia. Similar thing is happening to Rob's job, we've been there done that. You, of course, were always another stressful force under these circumstances whining about yourself, and continue to be from afar. It's none of your business. Plus all the layoffs for this year have happened, and Robert has retained his job without a problem. Other managers in other areas, despite their skills and success, lost their jobs. If you had ever worked in the corporate world, you would understand this is all a game of luck.
  3. HR complaints happen all the time. I had to go through a few when I worked in corporate America, and now Robert had to go through one. Which by the way, was thrown out, as she has done this to three or four bosses. Robert did nothing wrong in this instance, except try to manage an employee who took off for over long breaks, not realizing her history.

Kay? Go away. This is none of your business. Just don't want to see your latest negative spin.

For those of you that are not my mother, could you pretend to be me, contact her, send her presents, tell her she is right, and you are oh so sorry for not giving in to the quanity and quality of presents, and expecting her to be supportive while your husband was in the hospital. Could you? Oh, and if I look different to her, could you say I was caught in a horrible barn fire, and had to undergo dramatic cosmetic surgery?????

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