Thursday, March 16, 2006

Reply to Ginny/Letting Her Know I am Aware She Knows I See Her Blog

Thank you for your input, but no I am not looking for that. I guess I check up because:

  1. It's a public forum, and I want you to know that I can see it. Also, I probably want you to know what I must have felt like when I found you not only watching my site but actually posting and reporting on parts of my site. It doesn't feel good, does it? I guess I was waiting for an acknowledgement of that you might now understand why it was bothersome to me by acknowledging your own feelings.
  2. I guess I am also interested in what point you will stop arguing with me or the ghost of me in either written format or cartoons.
  3. And also, I want to see what stories or misconceptions that you might post up on your website so I can reinform you, whether you post them or not (the explanations).
  4. And just so you know, I use this e-mail because it has no personal info about me on it, I am aware this is not my regular e-mail. I don't need you to ferret out any more than you already have about my personal life.
  5. On the public blog, you are part of my story, when I talk about myself to other people and why I estranged myself, the story doesn't change just because you don't wish to see it there. I am not talking to you, but to someone about my experiences, of which this is a part. I am going through an estrangment with my father, and sometimes the estrangement with you gets brought up, or I am talking to another mom estranged from their daughter. You claim to do the same thing on your blog, although to me it seems more personally directed at me. So I would think you would be able to understand that, as you had four or five years of doing it.
  6. As far as you comparing my postings about my step on my webpage to you, number one I will never reconcile with her. Number two, I haven't left it on for years, or I think even a month. Number three, I don't try to justify it as the right thing to do.

I will take this time to reiterate here the reason for the estrangement because you still don't seem to take it in. At the time of the estrangement, I loved you., maybe less than I once did. Your continued arguing and time has eroded that away to the feelings that I have now, and had probably 4-5 years after it happened. I don't know why it's important to me that you understand it. As to agreeing or disagreeing with my reasons, that's entirely your choice.

As I did ten years ago, I agree that permanent estrangement is necessary. If I had received the apology within the year, or just a validation that you understood where I stood, it might have been different. I accept that you did not know what to do or did not want to do that. There is nothing that can be done about that now, as I don't get that you really feel you did anything wrong, and as I said my feelings have changed.

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