Friday, March 10, 2006

To My Special Stalker

There is no reason for you to be here. Except for my private life, you have already received or read everything on here. There is nothing new.Go away. You agreed that the estrangement is a good thing. You are not wanted. I know this is a public forum, but there is no need for you to be here except to step over boundaries.I have been waiting for you to admit that it's unsettling for me to go to your public site everyday, apparently you aren't going to learn the lesson (big surprise there), and will continue to say you don't care if I go there. Well, it Fing creeps me out to see you going onto all my places again. There is nothing here that can identify you, as you have identified me to all your friends. Sorry they found my site with my comments about you, with me not knowing you had driven them there. Oh, and that's not creepy at all.I have never crept around your house without your permission. I have never identified you on a public group forum. I have not gone behind your back to your husband (yeah did you really think he wouldn't tell his own wife, what kind of marriage do you have?) and then to relatives to dig out personal facts.Go away. Seriously find a life and go away. Keep up your art/blog. Feel free. Just go climb back under that rock I left you 10 years ago. I am through being nice here.

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