Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen (13) Ideas That I Have Entertained for Business

Okay, some of these have been just totally fun ideas that I had in my head alone (ie never actually seriously considered them, but still........)

  1. Porno movie productions specifically for heterosexual girls and woman. A largely untapped audience, I am convinced of it!!!!

  2. Horror movie theater/wine bar. Very gothic. In my head it works great, but probably wouldn't have a great following.

  3. Horror movie only video store (okay, I think we all know what has happened to the video store industry.

  4. Toy store, because I love toys and dolls. Opening up toys and dolls all day would be like Christmas every day!!!

  5. Loose leaf tea business. This was actually my first try at a business, and it failed miserably. It now provides a lovely tax deduction each year.

  6. Mailing list direct marketing and mailing business. Probably way more trouble than it's worth.

  7. Body and bath store (probably a little bit overdone in all the places that I have lived).

  8. Loose Tea restaurant (also serving light lunches and deserts). The fact that I really can't cook to any degree has held me back.

  9. Anonymous nasty e-mail business. For those special of fake messages that you do not want coming back to you or if you lack the creativity to come up with a good one.

  10. Reference check for the unemployed looking for jobs. Finding out what your employer is really saying about you. (I have used one of these services personally, and found one boss that was miffed about me leaving saying he would hire me back in a minute while trying to discredit me as well!!!!)

  11. Estranged daughter, son, mother, father, wife, husband, or misc relative actor service. So it feels to the person that you don't want to talk to that you are still involved, but it's a hired actor sending the cards, fielding the calls, yesing them to death, et. Tricky part is if they wanted to see them in person LOL.

  12. Accounting department for hire (including human resource help et). In the corporate world we used to have really good TEAMS of people that were becoming displaced due to merger, acquisition, or plain old closing of businesses. We figured we could have a team for hire for places in transition or were starting up, rather than just one temp that does not fit in or know how to work as a team.

  13. Pet supply place. Which is still in the works as an add on someday to my current dog training business.

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