Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Terror-Joshua

This was a movie I found on Movies on Demand while selecting something that I could sleep to, yet be interested in getting my money's worth the next day. Let's just say, no sleeping occurred after this movie started.

Reviews didn't seem to like it, but I really enjoyed this creepy, quiet, and understated movie. That being said, I am going to check out the one the reviewer said was like it (only better) Birth.

Not really sure that I had the motivation right, and am confused about some things that happened and how they tied in with the overall plot and motiviation. The expected killing of the dogs and animals for instance? Perhaps it had something to do with the Egyptian mummification process that intigued him so?

That would be the one main complaint that I had with the movie. I was going to say more, but now I get into the area of perhaps spoiling the movie for any who haven't seen it.

***Note, it's interesting how many horror movies actually tie into the disfunctional family theme!!


Ruby said...

I just have to thank you for having this as your blog title!!! LOL. I was so fed up with my %&/#ing family that I googled "family sucks", and this came up.

I no longer feel alone.

Stay strong :o)

winterskibunny said...

No, sadly you are not alone. And you wouldn't believe how many people google "family sucks" and find their way here!!! I am glad, because I think it's great to know that, and know that people are going through something similar even if not the same as you.