Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Memories Of the S Donor

When I see the S Donor visit, it makes me angry because I know he is concerned about appearances alone. Though there is a secret this Sunday that I will share, I do really believe that knowing him as I have for 39 years before becoming estranged.

And if ever I feel the least bit sorry for him, I go and enjoy these particular beauties:

  1. Sarcastic sorry, and I like to view the comments attached. I particularly enjoy the implication that the only way I would have been happy was to have ANY man in my life LOL. No, Robert, my husband, is just a nice guy and not a selfish sexist asshole. I actually don't need a selfish sexist (oh and racist) asshole in my life.

  2. My advertisement for a new daughter for the S Donor. This isn't from him, and does not contain any comments from him, but it cracks me up every time I read it. Even more that I got no reply interested in this S Donor adoption. Go figure.

  3. Passive aggressive jollies with attached comments. More excuses for his wife's behavior that include her lies. Oh, and he talks about the pets he bought me, and later killed off and neglected. Nice. Oh, yes and there's the college thing that he has been holding onto for 20 years. I apologized that I didn't make it through music school looooonnnnnnngggg ago.

  4. A dream that I keep forgetting about but brings this home. "If you would only do exactly what I want....."

  5. Christmas dream and what material things really are in my family.

  6. S Donor ripping out my teeth dream.

  7. My actual reasons for estrangement, when reviewed now still make a lot of sense to me.

  8. What father's day can be like for me now!!! (or any holiday quite frankly)

  9. Some final e-mail correspondence with the big S.

  10. Ye old Italian guilt and Italian male sexism.

  11. Weak excuses, and failing to listen way back as to why my mother and I are estranged. Or failing to listen to anything at all. (because he knows everything)

  12. Again the explanation to dad, after an e-mail asking "what happened?", which he full well knew and again is not listening. Now he has it in writing.

  13. Life is too short!!!

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