Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Passive Aggressive Jollies

You know, I do realize I am venting passive aggressively to one in my audience. It must feel like to my regular readers that they are viewing a train wreck. Understand, I have 40 years of venting to do!! But I was almost over it before until my little "visitor" came.

What fascinates me is what is HE getting out of all of this? Is he flying into a rage at home in the old style I remember from my college days? Is he crying cause everything else in his life is falling apart, and so the old stand by is no longer available? Is he just semi interested in stories that he may not know or have been talked about until now? Is he thinking there is a chance in hell for a relationship with me? (cause the answer to that is no, as I had made clear. You had your chance, and quite a few they were)

Has he forgotten again why it is we are not talking? Should I link to the lengthy discussion where he replied he was not "stupid" he knew that? I mean what is it.

Probably, just like I go to check on dear old mom's blog on occaision, it's simple morbid curiousity. I know the old man is in denial. Everything has an excuse, everything is justified. The big surprise is his daughter -----errr offspring is not even pretending to take or believe in those excuses anymore. Go on, comment old man. Bring it on. Saw that you were going to before, lost your nerve? Hey, why don't you just call so I can tell you to F off in person? Oh, yeah, generally you or the monster need a third party as that's so healthy. Sorry, my husband is not available to be your mouth peice. Must have been dissapointing that neither you or the monster could sway my husband against me. Equally dissapointing to know that his family does in fact love me, and knows what the situation is.

One of the things that I have a hard time putting into words is the "everydayness" of the treatment, not the treatment taken as individual stories. They might even be amusing if it was a one time deal. Or if something more wasn't expected out of me as if this treatment had never happened, and we had a close relationship or something. Or that any close relationship was deserved by someone who had not ever earned it or my respect.


Anonymous said...

If this is the only way that we can communicate, I’ll give it a shot. I don’t usually read blogs. I do check your blog once in a while just to see how you are doing. What I find interesting about your blog is how you can pass off half-truths as fact. So here is a reply to some of them:
1. When you tell the story of B.A. going to the hospital to get papers signed, don’t leave out the part about the other buyers and her not wanting you to lose the house you wanted, that great house in that great neighborhood. Oh, then there is the part about her giving you all of her commission as a gift, she didn’t make a penny on the sale. It would have been the same case if she had sold the house for you, commission to you, very mean thing to do.
2. Yes, your father worked two jobs for most of his life to put a roof over his families head, keep them feed, take them on summer vacations, buy his daughter pets, paying for college tuition, until you flunked out for the third time, etc. Not the best dad I admit, but not a monster.
3. The story about B.A. selling Robert’s brother’s house leaves out the fact that B.A. received a call from a male at the house and presumed it was Robert’s brother. When she arrived she was met by she wife and step son. Then he came home and threw B.A. out and accused her of plotting. Who was the male who made the call that got her to the house?
4. Fathers and teenage daugthers having heated verbal arguments doesn’t usually qualify as abuse.
Maybe you can add a few facts to your blog.

winterskibunny said...

Naw, you can set up your own blog for that asshole.

If we didn't want you at the hospital to sign the papers, then you shouldn't have been there. Period. Another house would have been found, my husband's health and well being were OUR first priority, clearly not yours.

The money came before the sale, and the check, er, bounced. Also, I hate to tell you this, genuis, the commission is you paid from the SELLER to their agent at that time. I always felt the gift was from you, but in your bizarre way you had to be sure it "was from" the monster. Gosh, she didn't make a profit from me. Holy shit. If only we had known that, as the only reason we used her was because we were trying to keep the peace. All about the dinero, huh?

Yeah, I flunked out of college, and was also left with the bill. When I went to Worcester state, you basically blackmailed me to go, promised to pay, and then didn't. You could never keep your promises or be a loving dad.

As for the male that called, I guess it was just a big plot by his brother, cause you know he would have every reason to lie to me, unlike BA who is always truthful.

Yelling at your daughter as if she knew your wife had an affair, dragging her to read a letter that announced her mothers marriage before she knew, slamming a wooden chair next to her in an intimadting way, is all abuse asshole.

Of at least a verbal and emotional nature.

Go fuck off, and live your happy deluded life.

Stop checking in on me, there is another blog you would be checking if you were interested in how I was, and you well know where it is.

Fuck off.

winterskibunny said...

And yeah, you are a monster. For the dog think and Mrs Grace thing alone.

A selfish asshole of a monster.

winterskibunny said...

Wow, doesn't he sound contrite. Can tell he's really there for everyone isn't he? Gosh I miss those Broadway lunches we used to have where you would read the paper and ignore me. Weren't those fun?

Aren't you a wonderful loving dad? Hey dad, you think I was having some issues while I was "flunking out of" college after living in your wonderful home life environment set up to nuture your daughter? You think maybe I had some things to work out, needed a bit of freedom from my controlling dad?

I have already written about that extensively in my blog, it still excuses NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING that you have done. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR YOUR BEHAVIOR. NONE. YOUR RECENT BEHAVIOR.


winterskibunny said...

And, when was it that I flunked out the "third time"? Gosh, I know I paid for the second time myself, and what about those loans in my name for the first time?

You refused to let me take time off, and I was too young to know I could even tell you to go screw, as I really should. Yeah, you had some really good talks with me then didn't you.

Not one sided controlling asshole talks, not at all. Gosh dad, you are so right, you totally deserved to be unconcerned when Robert's mom was dying due to all of this.

Wow, how did I not see that? How long were you expecting me to pay if I was still talking to you? Huh asshole?

winterskibunny said...

If BA wasn't going to get a commission, what was the issue again? I believe your wife said "humiliation" as the first answer. Then you said she was diagnosed with diabetes.


It is amusing to note the two lies that she told you above that you seem to believe, though I don't know how you could. Like the blue BA sized hand print on my angora sweater that must have been made by clear woolite in the exact shape of her hand in blue. Noooooo, she didn't use my sweater as a rag.

You really believe some guy called her from the house. You also believe there was another buyer "that they wouldn't wait a few hours for".

And regardless, you should have left us alone during that time, but you didn't.