Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I have not seen this movie yet, but I am again in full swing horror movie mode. My recent finds which I talk about on my other blog, have made me all giddy and hopeful to find more gems. The most fun is finding "classic" horror that I didn't know was out there. The weirder the better of course.

Next is finding new movies like Hostel. It looks like Turistas is going to try and be a knock off of that, but it could surprise me. We will see, it's at the top of my Netflix que of course, but the three others are going back today, which means that the earliest that I will see it is on Wednesday.

Good lord, watching pictures of the recent tornadoe in Kansas. I took a trip to Missouri once, and never witnessed tornadoes, but I witnessed enough scary weather (to a New Englander) to keep me off any flat land states forever most likely LOL. Horrible to see what happened there.

By the way, Heroes, is anyone watching this? Talk about parent issues LOL. Silar apparently has some REAL BIG issues as we learned BEFORE he killed his mother last night. Wowee. You would have thought his mom would have known to stop her bitching, and seen what was coming up, especially after she cut her cheek in the snow globe incident. But then again, scissors in the chest accident or on purpose? Then there was the painting in her blood, didn't seem all that upsetting.

I am surprised the husband still loves the show after all of these dark turns. He is more a Disney guy, and though I am not as into it as him, this would seem to be more my genre.

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