Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Thoughts That Freak Me Out

These things seriously freak me out if I give them enough thought.

  1. How is it possible for something to be infinite. Like the universe. How can there be no beginning? How is it possible that we even exist? Wow feel short of breathe even typing this LOL. This is the most freaky thought to me.

  2. What is my dog barking at in the deep woods where we live where no one can hear our screams?

  3. People who do evil things like serial murders. The ones that seem so "normal" other than what they freely and casually admit to doing (like reciting their grocery list) WTF makes people this way, and does one of "them" live near me or is known to me?

  4. When I watch programs like "snapped", I seriously can see one of the three toxic people in my life doing something like this to me. The wife who ran over and then backed up and ran over her doctor husband, totally reminded me of the monster. As did that other wife who killed her husband and his girlfriend in bed and never felt sorry for it. Thinking about that makes me nervous, because they don't live THAT far away. Though that astronaut recently proved, you CAN NOT be that far away from a crazy person.

  5. How much icky stuff do my dogs track in during the day? However the benefits of having a dog FAR outweigh any ick factor LOL.

  6. Childbirth, especially me ever naturally having a child, seems so UNNATURAL to me and strangely alien like.

  7. Why don't my parents love me the way other parents love their kids (unconditional true love not controlling fake love used to hurt)?

  8. My dogs are going to die some day, and it will hurt just as much as it did before.

  9. My husband may die before me, and can I cope with that even if I was financially set?

  10. I may die before my husband, and can he cope and be financially set?

  11. Will I regret not having children someday? Or will my husband regret not having children someday? I don't really think so, so it's not THAT much of a worry.

  12. Will I see my loved ones again when I die?

  13. Is there nothing after death, is there recarnation, or do I find out Roman Catholism was the right way ? I really think the last part is not correct, probably as certain as my grandmother was that this was the way to go.

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