Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sexist Musings

It's interesting to note that a person like the donor would assume happiness only comes in the form of him OR my husband. You know, cause you need a man in your life to be happy, even if they are a selfish prick:)

God, I am glad I met Robert too. We are best friends and life mates. And gee, yeah there were good times before Robert. Mostly they included my friends and me. Not so much "fun" with the parental units. Might have been fun for them. Hey I enjoy a good punching bag around the house too, it's just not a person and certaintly not my child or my pets. I bet that's good times for some parents who have little else going for them.

You know if I didn't have Rob though, I would rather be alone then talk to either of my parents. For them to be my only contact with people, I would sooner end it right then. Seriously. If the country was populated with people of that ilk, I would immigrate elsewhere.

There just might be this bit of a price you need to pay........when your kid gets old enough to make their own decisions and one hasn't even attempted to be a positive influence in their lives.


gretty said...

Is it bad that hearing about your parental units makes me feel better about not being alone in my own parental unit hell?

winterskibunny said...

Not at all, I am glad it is doing SOMEONE some good!!

It sure makes me feel better when I know other people have the same problems, and I am not the only person with this kind of parent hell unit (get it?).

gretty said...

nice pun ;)