Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday MeMe

I can't find any I like, and no one ever tags me:(, so here it goes.

1) What is your first memory?

Nightmare in my crib. I thought there was a monster with glowing eyes in my closet.

2) What did you want to be when you grew up?

Ballerina (never had any kind of dancing talent), Chef for a bit (never really could cook well), Veterinarian (no talent for biology), Flautist (actually did go to college for that)

3) As a child, did you ever see yourself married or with a family?

When I was five or so, I used to see myself as Barbie and my groom as Ken. Twenty five seemed about the good age as far as I was concerned (ironically age of my parents at the time). But then in adolscence, I really thought I would never get married or have children. I did end up getting married, but the decision not to have kids stuck. And if I hadn't met Robert, I don't think I would have found someone that I would actually want to get married to. It was never a goal for me.

4) Who was your first best friend?

Danielle in my kindergarten before we moved. Then Kathy, my nextdoor neighbor, when we moved to a house. Then Barbara in junior high, and then Carol in High School. In college Toby and Linda. I was never good at maintaining that kind of friendship except for my husband.

5) Who was your fist kiss?

Ross in kindergarten. Got in trouble because HE kissed me, and had to stand against the wall for the rest of recess. Then Paul in Junior High. Then Brendan in High School. Oops, wait forgetting an afterparty at high school where I kissed a guy that I didn't really like, and that I now forget his name.

There was a girl in kindergarten where we tried the ultra adult french kiss. Then in grade school, (how could I have forgotten Sarah?) there were some experiments during the Hardy Boy period where we would pretend to be one or the other and "pretend" stuff that I didn't entirely understand at the time.

Okay, might have given too much info there, but everything above WAS entirely innocent. It wasn't until college that the real fun began for me.


gretty said...

My friends and I used to practice kissing too. Wish the boys had. I think that's why so many of them take soooo long to get good at it ;)

winterskibunny said...

I should have mentioned Brendan's nickname now is Brandan "the tongue" Bastille. Even my husband knows this of a boy that COULD actually kiss quite well.

Those are some good memories. Especially our first one during a snow ball fight on the Clark U campus. Woweee. My first inkling that adulthood was going to be good LOL.

My husband, also an excellent kisser.