Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Intro To My Dog, Jazz (Neptune, Leon, and Jack to Follow)

First there was Jazz. She enjoyed being an only dog for one year. This is one of my favorite pictures of her, because she looks SO perturbed at me. She hates having her picture taken, and she is afraid of the flash. So I am probably very much reqiring for her to maintain her sit LOL.

Jazz Chases a Frisbee as a young girl.

Jazz was adopted at age 3. Definately a high drive dog, but as with most Dobermans, content and hang out with you and cuddle. Then when you are ready to go, wow they are ready to go. She used to run so fast and much that she literally ran her paw pads off so many times. She is still alive and with us at age 14. She keeps the boys in line who you will meet later.

Her photo album in full can be found here. She also has a blog that I don't update as frequently as I should. I keep the blog to save the memories of her for when she leaves us. We hope that is never, but reality would tell us that is not so. Everytime I need to update the blog, it's that thought that goes through my mind and ironically keeps me from updating her blog.

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gretty said...

I LOVE Jazz's photo album! What a sweetie!!!! Leon is adorable too!