Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday's Wicked Witch of Real Estate

Congrats to the Monster for selling one house each of these last two months. Previously, she had one a quarter. Her skills must be improving. Perhaps she has gone outside of friends and family.

Robert used to refer clients to her from the mortgage industry. One client he referred to her, she actually had them change mortgage agents for her benefit from him!!! The next one, she complained to my husband how difficult this woman was at a globe trotters event, at holiday dinners, at any opportunity. I must have heard it ten times. I would angrily whisper in my husband's ear as we left, if you EVER refer another person to her, I will NEVER forgive you.

Robert's heart is too big though. Once he gave her his brother's name. Something happened with his job, and so he didn't want to put his house on the market. He let the monster know this. Instead, she campaigned behind his back with his wife. He came home one night with her waiting for him and he said "listen Betty...." I told him if I had a million dollars I would have given it to him for a snapshot of her face. This is how she dealt with people she knew were Robert's family.

Then there was the time we bought our house. First she gave me a hard time about things I wanted fixed, and harranged me. The best was right after my husband was wheeled into his room from colon surgery, there she was with papers for him to sign. Couldn't even wait for the anesthesia to wear off. (and WTF were we thinking, or me as the only one not under the influence, I should have told her to go fly a friggin kite). You could just tell the ONLY reason they were there was for the paperwork. They could have given a shit that my husband just came out of major surgery.

And I think I have written enough about the last incident and final straw.

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