Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Fishing Relationships and Estrangements

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Really Well Worded Article of the Difference Between Parents Who Say Things With Humor and Parents Who Are Constantly Angry and Demoralizing to Their Children

The Constant Battle to Recognize the Good in Us (Estranged or Estrange) because other people have been demoralizing or belittling for a period of our lives

Mother Holding Adoptive Daughter's Birth Mother Contact Info Hostage

Chose Second Family Over Their Own-A Daughter's View

There were a bunch more that I didn't pick as well, and maybe I should have. I think beyond
Thanksgiving and Christmas, perhaps the string of Easter, Mother, & then Father's day brings up all these feelings for everyone. I for instance do not have a clue as to why my Donor has started looking at these pages again. I only know that whatever he is looking for, he isn't going to find what he wants here. He can go take out all his angst and anger at what is left of his family. Let them enjoy it, good times!!

I think my dad should have been gay, and adopted sons. He would have been much happier, I think. He certaintly does not like the female race too much.

Sorry, y'all had to see that. Very embarrassing. I felt all those emotions I felt last when I was 19. I didn't, but I could have gone around the house smashing plates. Actually, I like my plates too much now, my mother in law left them to me. I haven't even used them yet:)

Again, ouch.

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