Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Apology and More Importantly Acknowledgement that Should Be Written By My Dad

Dear Daughter,

Let's start with most recent events first. I should not only have continued to send you holiday cards (or just sent them at all as I usually don't), and additionally should not have ripped up holiday cards from you as they were not addressed to my wife who has behaved in an irrepairable way towards yourself.

Next, I should have remained neutral as to your right to sell you property through whomever you choose. I acknowledge, that though you thoughtfully let Betty Ann know you would not be using her, we both shouldn't have used a time in your life when a loved relative (your mother in law) was dying to further our finacial interests. In fact, as my daughter, I acknowledge that I should never think of you as my financial interest nor my wife's.

I apologize for not being there for you for a thousand things. Further more, I apologize for being verbally abusive, threatening physical abuse, and allowing my wife to both verbally and physically abuse you.

I further apologize for including you in the "divorce games" with your biological mother. In fact, I should have been there for you at that time, instead of having no idea who you were, and expecting you to fill in for me for your mother.

During your childhood years, I apologize for being verbally abusive and a non-loving father.

Apologetically yours,

Your Sperm Donor

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