Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Easter Story

We had such a delightful Easter this year that I didn't want to ruin it with any of my Family Dysfunction stories, but now I am suddenly in the mood. The last time we were going to spend Easter with Ba Monster and the Donor, we had been invited over. This usually ends up being a largely Passover for the adults, and somehow our time always starts after the fun Easter activities for the children.

So I gets a call from the Monster. She doesn't know what to do about DJ (lovely poor dog, it sucks that this is his family----BA and dad 1 for 1 with dogs being hit by cars, and now one that will live on the end of his leash for the rest of his days). Now I had graciously (for free) watched DJ, and later on spent ten of my hours (to 5 minutes of dad listening to what he needs to do to continue training HIS dog while he was on the cell phone largely selling his car) of my time again for free, so I wouldn't have to listen to the Bitch and could do it my way. Even so, when I came in she would be wringing her hands, and saying how confused her baby was, rather than "thank you Robin, I can see you are putting in a lot of hard work for our dog".

Anyway, she wants me to have DJ at my house. It is still unclear as to whether I was to forgoe the Easter myself to attend her dog. She doesn't want to (and this was several weeks before and I offered to help) do anything like actually crate train her dog so he would be quite during the Easter. No instead, because he was pooping and peeing and chewing in her house, she would really like if he could be loose at my house and do these same things.

Now I like DJ, but if I am not there he is going to be crated at my house. But WTF, this isn't my responsibility. I certaintly never suggested they should ever get a dog, they just keep getting them. I think no living thing besides them should live with them. They can hold it together for short periods of time. Well, actually BA monster does a good job of loving HER own son just no one else's.

So when I say he could be crated at my house (and WTF was I thinking), she goes in her snotty little voice, "Is that what you do with YOUR dogs at YOUR house." Er, no I house train my dogs, and they are crate trained but as they are trained period, they have run of my house.

YOUR dog poops and pees all over anyone's house, and this is not a kennel but my actual house. We did not sit dogs in our city house at the time, nor am I that fucking Bitch's employee or servant.

So then she goes, well we will have to have it at my son's house. I had clients to attend, so I said "well we aren't going to be able to go". So funny, whenever it's at the sons house, BA has to prepare everything, bring it, as if her son is a helpless invalid. Brings back memories of sandwiches being whipped up for him, and cold milk at any event of him walking through the door. And I like my step brother by the way, his mom just frosts me.

So now this is all my fault, and worse I am not coming. Cause I won't let her dog loose to poop and pee in my house, as was clearly my responsibility.

Gotta love her.

The animal thing has always been her way of getting back at me. When I was relocating out of my house and there was a lag in getting an apartment, it was MY cat alone (not my dad's other four cats and all were outside by the way) that were causing her asthma to get out of control. I had to come get him, or they would "get rid of" him.

About the house in Maine, after years, she suddenly decided that MY dogs were making her allergies bad, and they needed to stay outside if we came up. While I always appreciated that they offered the house, it was never too comfortable for us anyway, and besides that my dogs weren't staying on the porch. So we booked a hotel in the area that takes both while we got an inspection on the house instead. Wow, she just couldn't stop leaving messages on my phone after that. She was so "sorry" but "limits had to be set". And the best, on the end of the message after weeks had gone by after I trained her dog, "oh and by the way thanks for training my dog". After the training she was all like "and we could babysit your dogs for you" (yeah right, like not only would you NEVER be able to count on that, but that fucking monster would never be left with my dogs). EVER.

I just hope they don't get rid of DJ to other than a good adopter some day, or put him down because "he's just an animal" as dad says. First kitten I ever had, put to sleep by my father when moving to an apartment that didn't allow cats. What? Did they have no shelters in those days. Guess I was slightly higher than the "animal" category.

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