Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lies and Fables

You know the Donor and the Monster lied to us on quite a regular basis. And for no reason that I could see other than that they were cowards. See the Monster wanted it to look like we were welcome at their home and not know we weren't invited to my dad's birthday party. If it was just said, instead of the following story, I probably wouldn't have thought much about it, as you know, I didn't invite my dad anywhere on his birthday, I just called to wish him a happy one. It was the lying however, and not wanting me to wish him a Happy Birthday in person, so I wouldn't know...

Story 1:

I had been trying to get my dad all day to wish him a Happy Birthday. At school he was at meetings, and so I had left a message with his secretary. Later on that afternoon, I called the house and the Monster answered. So I chatted then said I was hoping to wish dad a Happy Birthday. "Oh, he's at meetings today". Oh, I say when will he be home? "Oh, he won't get back from them until very late tonight."

Fast forward to someone's unveiling, wake, funeral or whatever. I am talking to Andy, and don't even know how it came up, but he starts talking about the birthday dinner everyone went out to that evening. Wow, like first of all, I don't "invite" myself anywhere.

Story 2:

There is the time we were going to spend the week at their Maine house with the dogs. Dad and BA said that a cleaning crew had just been there, and so the dogs couldn't come. We offered to pay for someone to clean after we were there, I heard dad bo "uh, BA they want to pay someone to clean after". See, I knew what she was doing, and so I just wanted to come out and say it, instead of pretending to be all nicey nice. "Oh, you and the dogs are all welcome", I wanted her to play her little games. When we got to the house, by the way, there were gardening tools under the furniture, and they weren't hidden, dirt on the floor, and the unmade made beds were not cleaned.

Great "housekeeper", like we didn't know that was a lie, and guess who got to clean up after her last guests. Which was no problem, again it's the lying thing.

Story 3:

Another example of a monster lie (do you get my pun there? step monster/monster lie, I kill myself); was when I was living with her and dad during a really bad decision making time in my life. Any way, I had hung up my favorite white angora sweater to dry.

I came back later in the day, and there was a blue BA monster sized hand print on it. I asked about it, and she and the donor said "oh gosh, it must have been the woolite you used". Oh, yeah? The clear woolite that was used on the whole sweater caused a blue, like the blue liquid detergent the monster just used, hand print shape (just about the shape of her hand) on my sweater.

Hmmmm, interesting.

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