Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Daughter Wanted for Insincere Sexist Racist Man

Please reply in the comment section, if you want to be this man's daughter. I have given up the position for at least a year and a half now. I have not looked in on or enquired about my father, as IMO he is an ass.

For some reason, even though I am clearly unlovable, did not provide a commission for a wife when she sold us the house, and flunked out of college before I put myself through, he still seeks to look in on his "daughter". It occurs to me that this is perhaps a position someone else might want to fill for him:

He is looking for the following:
  1. Something that mirrors back the perfect child for him, as he was always so very perfect.
  2. Someone who will put up with his CUNT of a wife no matter what she does.
  3. If you have a relative dying or are sick yourself, someone who will put them and their petty needs first. ALWAYS.
  4. If he does something horribly wrong, don't ever expect an apology from him in any sincere way.
  5. Any failing that you had, will always be brought up, and it will be the same one over and over again. Deal. Course, on the other hand, he never does, never has, and never will do anything wrong.

Only serious inquiries please.

Oh, and tune in for my Thursday Thirteens. I think everyone will be pleased, especially to see how well something matches up to the Donor's comments.

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