Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nothings For Free In My Family

Wow, wouldn't my title make a great country song LOL. Even a sincere apology or what should be an instinct to make a basic wrong a right, needs to come with a price. It can never, ever be done because it's the right thing to do. Something MUST be given in return, no matter how wrong they may have been in several matters. (this is true even when this has been acknowledged as having been done to their victim)

And if they were wrong "bite me" or "shit happens" are the mottos for the day. Get over it without an acknowledgement of any understanding.

Oh, and instead of listening or trying to understand, investigate everything else as the possible problem, not their own actions. Never, ever their own actions.

Must be PAS, PMS, bi-polar. Could not possibly be that they are a toxic person, no matter how many things they have done wrong!! Oh, and all those hurtful things they have done, those were not "deliberate", so how could they possibly be responsible for them?

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