Wednesday, May 30, 2007


---First of all, hey dad, still haven't found another hobby? Haven't been thinking about you at all, despite the fact y'all were up for Memorial Day weekend, sorry to dissapoint. Life must be pretty miserable for you if you need to come here. We all make our own life, think about it. Didn't see DJ around, hope you guys didn't "get rid" of him, or if you did you rehomed him to someone who can properly care and train him.

---Second of all, well now that I know the Sdonor is here, I am going to have to write that woesme on another blog. Shhhhh, it's a bodily function that makes him so uncomfortable, he was having his daughter transport certain, er, products out of the house so as not to embarass anyone. Nice. Wonder if the monster was all dried up by then.

---Third of all, diet is going well, but due to the subject that I now won't mention on this blog (LOL), water has been retained.

---Oh fuck it, tampons pads period friend of the month your monthly guest period period period. Perhaps, I should have a monthly flow log until a$$hole goes away.
---You know, I probably seem horrid to the Sdonor. The thing is this, it cracks me up that he says he comes here to "check in on me". However, when there are blogs about my everyday life, he comes and goes in a second. When there is a post about or situation, he is on there for 30 minutes or so. LOL, yeah he really cares what his daughter is DOING, or maybe just what his daughter is SAYING.

Okay everyone, your best period story please!!

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