Friday, May 18, 2007

Funky Friday

Shoot did I take my meds yesterday or not? Hate when that happens. Either I will double dose or miss the day entirely. Well feeling good and healthy anyway.

Which suddenly reminded me, I did actually want to blog on my battle of the bulge today. First week was too easy. I went down three pounds, and now I am bouncing between two weights. My exercise schedule has been good, and the home gym has definately been made use of by me. The bike that moves outside down roads and such has been put to use.

The sweets thing this week has been hell. Even worse than the giving up of wine. So I went and bought some swedish fish and twizzlers. Funny story, I read on the Swedish fish package that 19 pieces = 40 gs (I misread 40 calories). So the first day, I had like five servings, figuring I was all set with 200 calories. Whoops, that would be 140 calories (times 5=700) Yikes, rest of the day I had no food course.

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