Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TMI and HNT not here

You know, when you start posting things about yourself, and have been estranged, it seldom occurs to you that you will later be cyber stalked by the person from whom you have etranged. So if you don't think this post or sign is geared towards you, don't worry, it isn't.

At least not long term, sigh. Luckily I don't post my more fun TMI or HNT here, as that would probably be disturbing to the Sdonor and Edonor, and darned it, if it wouldn't be disturbing to see them there too. At least the Edonor took the hint and went away. I am now afraid to see who has been looking at the "more fun" blog. I know I would want to burn my eyes out knowing these personal facts about someone I know.

Could I just answer some sort of question for you and you would begone? This is really for me, not you. I do realize this is a public forum, but also realize I have not let on who you are nor the others. It's also by an unhappy accident, since taken care of, that you found this.

I could always move it, but then would probably loose the contacts that I enjoy speaking about this with on a regular basis. So, if you ever cared at all about me, just don't come back. Pretty simple.

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