Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Big Foot Kills Unsuspecting Tourists in Maine

Yes, dear readers, it is time for those stories I talked about. A cowardly beast is stalking the woods of Maine (or my cyber community due to my stupid error on technorati where my Fing name used to be associated with this blog). This hairy beast is unable to fullfill one request of the towns people that he so loves......eating. (or going the F away)

It is said, he waits for those who are not "year rounders" and their kin. (oh, how people who actually lived here all their lives wish this was true....except for the....you know....money that comes in) Then he drags them screaming out of their house, or lures them by pushing trees over on top of their house, and when they come running out......

He says "I love you", but just wait a minute while I tear your arms and legs from your torso. Ummm ummm good.

The towns people however, just don't want to hear it, and it's too late for any excuses.

The end.

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