Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Ways That I Dissapointed My Father

To be fair, I will make up a little list for my father, of what I am sure is going on in his head.

  1. Never liked sports, woodworking, or cars. Course could have liked them if my father ever showed that time with him could be fun, and not a time to constantly criticize and complain that I didn't like it.

  2. Was not an A student in Junior High or High School. I was a lackluster student except for in music. (as was my husband, and his parents still loved him)

  3. Had no interest in going into his profession pre-college or anything that smacked of the business world that I thought he was in.

  4. Did not always agree with him, or think he was right because he was "my father".

  5. He wasn't around me when I did this, but I drank in college and also experimented a bit with drugs.

  6. After high school and the divorce, instead of catering to him and coming home during, I wanted to spend time away from my family and with my friends. I just got out of that environment.

  7. I went away to study music (dad never thought it was a good career move).

  8. I stopped studying music and wanted a couple of years off to figure out what it was that I wanted to do (labelled under you just couldn't win).

  9. Excuses needed to be made when I quit the position that he was proud of (controller oh joy, and that's just why I did it NOT) that "other female execs" had done similar things. This is when I became a dog trainer and business owner. Thank Goodness there was that comparison so the utter humiliation could be short lived.

  10. Dissapointed in my choice of husband and boyfriend at first.

  11. That I wasn't gifted like the "gifted" students he prefers to make programs for. (like he's gifted?)

  12. I am sure that I am a reminder of my mother. Also, no doubt the reason it was fine for his wife to be abusive towards me.

  13. That I have not followed the path that he wanted me to follow, in the way he wanted me to follow it, for him.

*****Holy shit, I forgot, I lied once when I was 13 about a crank call to a neighbor's kid. I wrote about this before in this blog, but I wouldn't want the Donor to think I had left out any other unforgivable sin.

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