Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Future Blogging Topics

Well, I have started to run dry despite my preparations months ago, on Thursday Thirteen blogging topics. So it's time to start putting those neurons together and do some more. It's hard coming up with ones on family estrangement that don't go to my personal situation, which I am trying to blog less on. Well that's not really it, it's just that I am kind of over it and at peace with it, but I still like to talk about it to other people. Plus there do come those times where "interaction" makes it necesary for me to purge on this blog, but it does happen less and less now.

Any who, that is the idea on this next batch of Thursday Thirteen blogs:

  1. Various reasons that people become estranged which are not discussed so much in the books on purely family estrangement.

  2. Sites that talk about family estrangement in an informational sense.

  3. Online groups where support can be found for family estrangement or subjects related in some way to family estrangement.

  4. Books that talk about family estrangements or related subjects.

  5. Movies that are about family estrangements or related subjects (okay even I am beginning to yawn here).

  6. Reasons why my Sdonor, Edonor, or monster suck, oops already did that LOL.

  7. Reasons why my family situation does not work IMO only.

  8. Signs that a situation is not working for you.

  9. Dysfunctional family games and drinking games to use at a gathering of the same.

  10. Crafty activities to get the anger out.

  11. Nice things I had done in the past for my family.

  12. Ways to say, "I am not taking you in my house in your old age" (remember the Ways to Leave Your Lover Song).

  13. Responses and answers to difficult questions at a family gathering for the estranged or estrangee.

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gretty said...

Crafty activities to get the anger out? LOVE IT!!