Friday, May 11, 2007

Freaky Friday

Two weird and freaky dreams lately, one which is a repeater:

Dream One: Husband looses his sheep like curls and becomes bald. Actually I find the bald and shaved look rather hot, never do a comb over. I digress. But when hubby becomes bald, what happens is he has this huge scoop out of his head. Not an open wound or anything but this enormous dent that we never knew was there before.

Dream Two: This one has been repeating in a couple of forms. Constant is that it is a family reunion of sorts, different family members in each, and none of them very closely related (cousins, aunts, that sort of thing). So the other nights involved traveling, boats, sinking, swimming, ocean.....alll gumbled together. No real plot that I remember.

I kind of lump this in with a highway dream that I have been having, where I am traveling to a relatives and then home. I get lost or the highway is weird with a mind of it's own.

Also one of a family reunion in Disney world. Getting lost in a fun park.

And there has also been one where the family is traveling to an exotic location, and there is an ocean where high tide always comes and we are trapped while swimming, but we aren't worried and it's kind of cool.

I don't know, this repeater seems the same but it comes in many forms.

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