Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Introduction to Jack

And then came the time where business was slow. I thought, what a great idea to have a foster dog come in, and I will still be training a completely out of control dog. I am sure DRU was chuckling when they sent me Jack, a non aggressive boisterous red male Doberman of two years old. Just a couple of little issues......he will eat things that, er, are not digestible, and he doesn't so much take to leash training alone. I told my husband, he will just be here for a few months, then bingo a new home will be found. Well, DRU to be fair gave me the "few month" estimate LOL.

There he is above. On the muzzle picture, he is just helping me out model some equipment that I would use on an aggressive dog, and I am testing it out as to how easy it is to use on a friendly dog first (much recommended). I think he looks cute as he seems to be saying "what are you doing to me?"
So a few months turned into six months right before my birthday. Jackie (aka Wacky's) attributes had continued to grow on me this time desipte some inappropriate marking, submissive peeing, toy aggression (and the list goes on) of additional issues that had come up and needed to be trained for. He is loyal, fun, appreciative of his new home life, my dog's best friend, cuddly, and that list goes on too. So now I am in love with this dog, and the husband asks me what I would like for my birthday. He is now in love with Jack too, but at that particular moment he probably would have changed the question if he had guessed what my request would be. See, Jack also used to have a fear of some men, and even at the six month point hadn't really warmed up to the husband. They are very good buds now.
And there you have it, then came Jack. Now he is not a dog I would pick to compete with, especially my first try. It's bad enough taking a sound dog through all the mistakes you are going to make, and training for the usual pitfalls. With Leon's injury though, I have started Jack's training process for that. Yikes.

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