Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday Secrets

I finally came up with a secret to post to postsecret. I can't post what it is, as I don't want anyone to know, but I love the concept at postsecret, and it's been bothering me that I couldn't think of something. Then after a few glasses of wine tonight, I was like duh!! Of course.

So that's kind of exciting, I will probably work up the postcard tomorrow.

Kind of a short post today, still getting back to the "happy me" place.

I don't know if these situations work this way for anyone else? First I need to feel and bottom out. Then I have a day of the dulldrums (and neither of these have happened for a good long while, and I used to experience these at least once a month when I was in contact with the parent hell units). After a "mental health day" I start to become me again. The thing is, if I repress the feelings the bottom can and will last a really long time. Whereas when I "share" all my angst, we are talking several hours tops, and not any heart wrenching sobs et.
So that is progress LOL. My sense of humor has returned, but it was gone for a complete day. That is a travesty, my friends, and should NEVER happen.

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