Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Dangerous Things I've Done as A Young Adult

Well now that I have sort of let the cat out of the bag (on my alter ego blog), I should add one night stands when I was younger!! I feel they are dangerous because you don't know who that person is, and that goes whether you are female, male, heterosexual, gay, or bi-sexual. Wackos come in every sex, race, and religion. Not to mention what they may bring with them on the insides (diseases I am talking about). Now one night stands with someone you know (or think you do) is a bit different. The danger there though is that you totally ruin a relationship that may have had another dimension to it. I was never good at keeping the friend thing going once things got more intimate (except with my last one night stand, who hasn't left in 21 years!!)

  1. Rode on the back of a motorcycle that my husband was driving LOL!! (you would have to know how I think my husband drives in a car to see how stupid it would be for me to get on back of a motorcycle with him----a phase that was short lived, almost literally, by the way)

  2. ATV'd in college without helmets with some boys during spring break. There was probably drinking involved and perhaps other substances.

  3. Hopped into a truck in college that I assumed one of my friends was driving. When I saw it was some strange guy, I didn't immediately hop out.

  4. Allowed some strange frat guy to drive me home one night from a party.

  5. I am sure in high school, I was in someone's car while they were driving under the influence (I didn't drink or do any drugs in high school).

  6. My very first time skiing when I was nineteen, I went down some black diamond trails without knowing really, how to ski.

  7. Drank a mug of Captain Morgan's straight on a dare from a friend (last thing I remembered that evening).

  8. Did some drugs in college that probably were not a good idea to put in my system. Remember a couple of nights where my heart was racing way too fast.

  9. Drank "punch" at frat parties without really knowing what was in it. Remember one particular night where they put grain alchohol in the punch. Not good.

  10. An incident at Hampton beach that I am too ashamed to mention, but almost got me raped by two guys, except for my friends came in and chased them off.

  11. Used to walk home in a bad neighborhood of a city I grew up in. Felt safe at the time, and didn't have much choice, but when I think on that seems pretty dangerous.

  12. When I had insomnia in college, I used to walk around Lowell Mass late at night (or early morning) hoping to get sleepy.

  13. Working all night at a gas station through college to make ends meet. That was pretty dangerous as it proved to be one night, where I thankfully was not there!!

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