Monday, January 02, 2006

Bad Dream Last Night

Not part of the dream, but late last night I received an e-mail frommy father, basically using the all too oft used referencing of me tohis ex-wife, my mother, and then going after me for daring to tellmy step-mother that her behavior at the funeral was unwelcome, andin the future if she comes unwanted and uninvited to events, sheshould act like an adult.Although I have suspended contact and a relationship with him, hethen listed our rules including how to address an envelope so mystep was included, even though the next rule was to not send anycorrespondence to her. They only got a Christmas card (wellactually only my dad, because I felt it was well known that I wasnot wishing the step a Merry Xmas) from me as the onlycorrespondence, and I am thinking it's pretty clear right now thatthey need to worry hearing from me at all, as I have cut out allcontact. The only reason the Christmas card was sent (and none wassent to me by my dad by the way) was since the door was ajar so tospeak, I wanted to be respectful and not leave him out.Any way, we are getting to the dream that followed. So any way, Ihave in fact officially cut off all contact from him, because thisis ridicoulous, and I don't have time for people who have to show upat a funeral to publically make a point and then make up rules foraddressing an envelope instead of apologizing profusely for theirbehavior.So in the dream, (it's a dream I have had many variations of butnever with anyone else) my molars are suddenly loose. They arekind of falling out, and I am fearing choking. So I ask my fatherfor help. He dashes out and gets a wrench, steps on my face, andstarts wrenching out my teeth (all my teeth not just the molars).I am just letting him do it!!! And in the dream, I am sick atmyself for allowing this.I woke up at like 3am and just couldn't go to sleep. As is typicalwith the toothy dreams. I just had to get that out somewhere, andcouldn't bear to write it on my more positive private postings.Ugh, see this is one of those moments when you here from someone,but it's not a blip in your day, it brings your whole day (and inthis case night) to hell.

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