Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Note To Tony After Jean's Funeral

Note: Let me just say there are many ways they both could have handled this. They could have just sat in support in the temple, instead of coming down the receiving line to ignore me on the way by. BA did this so obviously it was almost a cartoon. I looked right at her, and thanked her for coming, as she stuck her nose in the air turned her head and walked right by. She's a peach.

Note to Dad After Funeral (didn't get his e-mail before hand---note condolences only to Robert)

Re: Rob's Mom

I have forwarded your message on to Robert. It was a very sad day for the both of us. She was a wonderful woman, who always included me in everything, and would have been saddened to see that Betty Ann could not act like an adult that day or give both of us her condolences. Or that my father was not able to express his condolences in even a short sentence while he was right in front of me.If you were there for Robert, thank you. I am sure in the future he would like you to be respectful to his wife under similiar circumstances. Hopefully this won't be repeated any time soon.Robin

Dad's Condolences Sent to Robert via My E-mail on the Morning of the Funeral (reason we didn't know they were coming):

Subject: Rob's Mom>>>>Dear Robert,I can't tell you how sorry we are to hear about your mom's passing. She was a wonderful and very special woman. We know what it feels like to lose someone that special in your life. Bettyann and I are coming your mother's service unless you feel that it would be awkward given the situation with Robin. We care about your feelings and know what a difficult time this is for you.Love,Bettyann and Tony

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