Friday, January 06, 2006

Replies to/from Tony

From Me To Tony--Response to below e-mail:


The door is closed, and there will be no more further correspondence. If Betty Anne shows up at events in the future that she is not invited to, she will receive direct correspondence from me so she knows she is not welcome. You are not in control of this. She is, she can stop showing up.I have only told you the truth, and I have every right to be angry at mistreatment. If you want to through phrases around like "dealing with your mother at her worst" feel free, it only lets me know that I made the right decision. Don't contact me again, I will no longer respond to your e-mails. Don't show up at personal grieving periods to further your own agenda, and you won't need to receive angry e-mails from either me or Robert. This thing that is so "blown out of proportion", is a ridicoulous statement considering both of your actions. Stay out of my life, it is better without you in it.

From Tony to Me:
I've waited until thing cooled down a bit to try to make some suggestions. Ifeel that the angry emails that you have sent do nothing but "throw gasolineon the fire." I still can't believe that this whole thing has been blown soout of proportion. It brings back painful memories of dealing with your mother at her worst.

Maybe we can agree on a cool down period in which:

  1. You can send me all of the emails you want, about anything you want, but do not email Bettyann. She has no interest in receiving any correspondence from you.
  2. You can send me anything through the mail as long as it is addressed tome, not me and DJ, etc. Anything that is sent with the sole purpose ofexclusion or hurt will be torn up and discarded. Your Christmas card,mailed from Portsmouth on Dec. 21, 2005 arrived on Jan. 7, 2006. This is anexample of what I mean
  3. I am now and will continue to leave the door open to trying to repair ourrelationship. It takes two people to do this and I hope you will keep thedoor open too and consider this.

I love you and always will.

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