Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Days Adventures without Dad

On Saturday, Robert had his employees over for an event at our house. So most of the day was spent, cleaning, cooking, making converstaion, transporting people from shopping to the house, and topping the main part of the day with a walk to the ocean. It's shorter to go down Beacon Street where Tony and Big Fats can be seen during the day.....normally early day. And normally only after they drive them selves all .5 miles down to the beach.

So there we are having a good time at 7:00 in the evening. I met a nice man named Steve also from Worcester and his dog. From the corner of my eye, I see two people coming down the stairs. It's Tony and Big Fats. Luckily I am finishing up my conversation, so I can turn around and signal Robert that it's the assho----lovely couple themselves.

The cowards were sure to face their chairs with their backs towards us. Needless to say, there was no wish on my part to go over and hug them or anything. In fact, the next day would be the first that we were not in any way shape or form required to be at their house waiting for the cake to be brought out at some point, so we could go, and hit the holiday traffic trying to make it's way back home to Mass. Nope, not only did we live here now, but I am now not required to be chained to their little "festivity" for the rest of the day. I am not required to pick out the perfect gift for someone who admits he was seldom there for me, and was a horrid father. I am not required to search for a card that falls between sappy and "dad you really sucked moose nuts".

So what did we do on Father's Day? Well, it started out with a dog walk with all three dogs. Always a bit nerve racking unless I am having the boys do some sort of obedience, because they go in three different directions. Jazz wants to be petted by the folks, Jack wants to check out the new dogs, and Leon likes to hang around the old friends and investigate the water. Meanwhile, it was high tide so it's not like there is a large square area. We did well though, and got a bunch of obedience exercises in before the day went into "high drive" LOL.

So I got home at about 8:15am or so, and sleepy head was just waking up. I was going to go to the beach without him, but he sufficiently revived himself to come along. Got the best parking spot right near the bath house. Great for advertising, meter out of order, excellent visibility. Plus, all set up for ease of getting our stuff home later on. We had the boogy boards, books, suntan lotion, music, beach mat, beach chairs, and a nap sack with snacks and sodas. Oh, yeah we were living.

Robert walked home to shower, and I took a two mile walk along the length until he came back. Then relaxed in my new Tommy Hilfinger bikini, and got my first tan on my tummy in a while. Reading a book called "Mary Mary". Chapters are a little short and choppy, plus too much heat to fully concentrate. Don't get me wrong, good book, Patterson.

Robert came back, and we took a walk on the beach together this time. Almost made the full length of both sides, but Robert peetered out half way through the second side.

Then it was boogey boarding time. All this before 10:30 am mind you. We stayed out there for more than a half hour. I got more than four good waves, think it was something like eight. Bikini top burst open, and I missed one as we both scrambled to get the thing secured, but I caught the next one seconds later. Robert will say he got three (but he got like one---shhhh don't let him know that I let on).

Then went to sleep at home until like 4pm. I was up before five thirty that morning and quite active, so I got wiped out. Then we drove into Freeport to get life vests for our upcoming Kayaking class. Had a good dinner of Lobster Scampi (Robert got chicken parm as usual). Robert didn't like the restaurant but I did.

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