Monday, June 05, 2006

Mom's Solique Part 3 of 4

Not really all that worth reading. Justifications for knowing doing something thought out that was wrong, because everyone else's life is like a soap opera. I bet the big difference between her and those other people, they were probably expressing their remorse when they told their story.

I don't really care that she had an affair, what buts me is the lack of remorse, especially with the insistance that she wants to be friends with Tony. What? I mean could she see that perhaps he doesn't want to be friends with her being that she was fucking another while married to him for another two years. Pretty twisted, being that she went to therapy to come up with that solution. No responsibility to end the marriage as tidly as possible for her family's sake. And she specifically sites for a physical relationship, not an emotional one.

You know parents don't have to be friends after a divorce, they just need to be able to communicate civilly on occaision, and put on a good face at family gatherings. And I guess part of my mother's bid to have a harmoneous relationship, including trying to get me to break into my father's house and steal stuff for her. Or maybe it was when she tried to get me to sue my dad for tuition that he didn't end up paying. If she wanted such a harmoneous relationship between us all, why was she playing these little divorce pawn games? Yeah, I am getting her a trophy right now for mother of the century.

It's just gross all of it. I really hope she is not writing to me, because I empathize less and less the more she goes on and on.

And I have no idea where those books are that she is talking about, I liked them too, as they were part of my child hood. I am sure she must know some rare book dealers that could help her find either one. I know I have been searching for the fairy tale one myself. Instead of whining and wringing her hands and being irresponsible, why doesn't she just buck up (or didn't) and take action and do the right thing?

Or perhaps express some remorse when admitting to these that are horrible things to other people, especially your family that includes your daughter. I mean if I was so loved and adored, certaintly I wouldn't get the response "shit happens" when I ask why she didn't bother to tell me she got married when it happened.

The she lies about it. I am sure she would remember the thorough thought and effort that would have gone into it (if she wasn't so self absorbed, selfish, and self centered to not even thing of it) to tell her own daughter she's getting or gotten married.

On a humorous note, dad must just be thrilled to see his sexual life posted up there for all to see.

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