Friday, June 02, 2006

Thank Yous-Not That These are Meant to be Seen by These People

I do have things that I need to recognize my parents for. Here are the good memories.

1. Mom thank you for the neat valentines cake you baked for me with the pink frosting and candies around the edge while I was little.
2. Dad, thank you for realizing I liked Duran Duran when I was a teenager, and securing two tickets for me and my best friend, Carol. It was a great time.
3. Dad, thank you for my 16th birthday at a nice restaurant in Cambridge (or 18th) with my best friend, Carol. I am thinking you and mom must already have been going through your divorce at that point, and so it must have been 18th.
4. Dad, while you didn't pay for almost any of my college as you had promised, I would like to thank you for paying for me to have a place to live during that time. I apologize for not being into my studies as much as I would have liked to.
5. Mom, thanks for baking me chocolate chip cookies well and often.
6. Mom, thank you for hand making my favorite angel food cake with strawberries on my birthdays when I was young.
7. Dad, thank you for eventually being proud of me, when you were not approving of most of my decisions that brought me here before.
8. Mom, thank you for mailing me a 1000.00 check to get out of Dad and Betty Anne's house when you learned of her abuse.
9. Mom, thank you for the loan of 300.00 to me and Robert when we were in trouble, and which I was slow in paying you back for. For that I apologize.
10. Mom, thank you for the graduation present of the radio with the CD player. I still have it and enjoy it.
11. Mom, thank you for the Hall pieces, which my husband has always particularly liked and enjoyed.
12. Dad, thank you for turning me on to horror movies and books when I was younger. I still love them.
13. Dad, thank you for respecting my wish not to talk to you, while you are unable to respect a boundary on my part. I really do appreciate that.
14. Dad & Mom thank you for allowing me to go to Disney world with my grandmother when I was 9. I loved it.
15. Dad & Mom, thank you for brining me to my grandparents many weekends when I was younger, we had a great time, and those memories are cherished forever.
16. Mom, thank you for supporting my love of acting and music when I was younger.
17. Dad, thank you for thinking I could make it in music, even when in the beginning you didn't think so, and I never did make it in music.
18. Mom and Dad, thank you for not aborting me when you found out you were pregnant. I do love my life, and feel I make some small difference in the world, which might not have happened if you didn't bear me.
19. Mom, thank you for making me report two boys who abused me on the bus when I was in Junior High.
20. Mom & Dad, thank you for instilling in me an intolerance for racism or sexism, even if one or both of you don't actually practice those beliefs, as I have discovered in my adulthood.
21. Mom & Dad, thank you for bringing me up with a sense of high self esteem and the courage to be myself.
22. Mom & Dad, thank you for allowing me some avenues of escape during the end of your marriage such as music and eating alone in my room. It made things easier for me.
23. Mom & Dad, thank you for insisting I start college even though I wasn't ready at the time. It did allow me another escape from my home life, which was desperately needed, and away from Worcester MA in specific.
24. Mom, thank you for stopping drinking before I was born and when you knew you were pregnant.
25. Mom & Dad, thank you for feeding me, housing me, and clothing me during the times where I was not as yet grown.
26. Thank you to Dad for buying me a queen sized mattress when I was younger.
27. Thank you to Dad for giving me 1500.00 towards my new house downpayment. I know you always claim it was part of BAs commission, but as this came to me before the closing of the house it was, and I always consider it to be from you. I don't know why it was always a problem for YOU to give me something without making it about BA. But the point is, I thank you for this not BA.
28. Thank you Mom & Dad for giving us seperate wedding gifts that each covered half of our wedding of about 750.00 a piece.

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