Thursday, June 22, 2006

Phone Call to Aunt R

This father's day, my cousin Richard dropped over. We weren't here, but he comes over often, and left his cell phone at his home inNH, so he came in to 1) drop us a note and 2) drop off a Chrismas gift from my Aunt R.

I should say now, that the ice hasn't been broken since they must either have been told or figured out that I am not on the never ending vacation. My Aunt R is not my grandmother, but there are certain similarities there that were giving me pause. If I had her e-mail, I would have taken the coward's way out and simply e-mailed a thank you for the present.

Snail mail didn't seem appropriate, especially since I know I will never get to it. I am bad like that. Phone and e-mail are my best options. So as we are now at Thursday from Sunday, and the container was greeting me every morning in my kitchen, I decided now was the time to see how everything stood and if the ice could be broken.

I expected a dressing down from my Aunt R similar to one that I could expect from my grandmother if she was still here on earth (I've been expecting her in my dreams, but she hasn't come around yet to waggle her finger at me). Instead Aunt R sounded as scared and happy to hear from me, as I was to talk to her. No mention was made of T or BF. It was good that she knew not to cross that boundary right now, maybe later, maybe not. We have never been real close, but I like having my aunt still in my life at least.

This conversation could have gotten so ugly, instead it was a happy relief.

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