Thursday, June 08, 2006

Part 4 of 4 on it's Way?

Seems mom is taking a bit of time with part 4 of 4. The Estrangement. Could be part of a horror movie series!! Wonder if it will even make it on there. See dad there checking it out to to see what other horrors she has had to write about him.

Now my turn, how will this fictional account go? Something like I just wanted better birthday presents, I don't understand how my daughter was angry with me. Her husband was just in the hospital, how could she not want to argue endlessly with me on how I was not going to get the perfect birthday gift for me. That I was already ungrateful with any gifts I got, and this wasn't going to become the further wheel of torture for her.

I had bad taste I guess back then, because I went to find gifts that I thought she would enjoy. She actually mentioned gifts that she had given me like a CD player radio et et, as to the quality and dollar value she would enjoy getting. We were in a different place than her age wise and financially, although we would probably spend 100+ on her, we were in no position to be paying 300+ on her, especially when all she ever did was call and complain about her gifts before this ever happened.

Considering she was not up for a Marginally Good Mother award in my eyes, I mean she was a marginally good mother, but not the best marginally good mother (in that she fed, clothed, and sheltered me before the age of 18), she was lucky she didn't just get a card quite frankly. Actually, she was lucky she got a card, and one that did say "Mom, You Suck Happy Birthday". Those haven't caught on at Hallmark yet.

Personally, I think they would make a killing with cards of that type LOL.

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