Thursday, June 01, 2006

Alright, enough of my pitty party and whining

LOL, this blog is set up for my whining and angst, but I have tired myself out from it now, which is good.

This blog is sort of my way of releasing it into space, and then letting go of it. The thing with family estrangement though, is it always seems present when you least expect it.

The holidays of course bring it on. And I do perpetuate it by my visits to my mother's blog of which I have an unhealthy curiousity. I hate when she posts about me, and she started doing it again. No doubt to get my attention, which just brings about the whole viscious cycle again.

I have been letting it control me though, and I can change that. I can!!

It's just we sold the house, so I have nothing else to gripe about these days.

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