Friday, June 09, 2006

That's It For Me

I am assuming that Ginny might be done now as far as her writing about me. I am done visiting her blog. I must admit, although I have not admitted it, I have gone there hoping to see something of a person that I would want to know, or that I remember from when I was 5.

I have the fear, of course that I will morph into my mother. But here are some differences:

1) Didn't marry because I had too
2) Didn't marry someone I didn't know (Rob & I lived together for 5 years before marrying)
3) Didn't marry someone I didn't love
4) Didn't have an affair during my marriage
5) Didn't have kids, and didn't subsequently make them privy to details about our sex lives as they were growing up
6) Don't have blow up fights with my husband every three days in front of our non-existent kids or dogs
7) Appreciate people for who they are, not whether their interests are the same as mine
8) Material things do not =healthy relationship to me
9) Money isn't more important to me than the people in my life that care about and support me
10) My husband never "makes" me do anything, and I never don't do something because of my husband. I married someone who has the same values as me, and therefore values and respects me as I do him.
11) I have never been a victim of my circumstances with them sweeping me along in their path.
12) I have never doubted for a moment the ability to take care of myself
13) While I enjoy others company, I don't need them to provide entertainment or enjoyment of life for me. I provide that for myself as well.
14) I don't have an entitlement attitude towards anyone.
15) I acknowledge, apologize, and take responsibility for mistakes that I have made in my life.

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