Friday, June 02, 2006

Mother Recent Solique Part 2 of 4

She takes a more reasonable tone here, and doesn't try to justify as much, which is refreshing.

I do have to corrections to make. 1) The arguments and blow outs weren't every six months LOL. They were like every third day. 2) As for the combined wanting to be good parents. They hardly knew I was there most of the time. I didn't see any kind of specific trying to be a good parent other than feeding, clothing and sheltering me. I'm not saying they did a horrible job, but if they were really concentrating on the art of parenting, um why were the blow out arguments right in the house with me. I am pretty sure I could have been kept out of being a witness to most arguments.

On me eavesdropping as a child, first of all you hardly had to eaves drop as the yells filled the air in a very small house. My bedroom was upstairs, and the tv room is where the vent was. All you had to do to "eavesdrop" would be minding your own business and watching tv as you parents screamed at each other directly below you. So now I am thinking they really weren't all that bright. The other thing she talks about are my perceptions as a child, and I can assure you that reading her blog they are the same perceptions that I have now. Gross. Like I need to hear this. Who cares.

Why if there was such attention to detail, did my mother never even realize that I enjoyed different music than she did MY WHOLE LIFE. I enjoy classical too, but not the same classical music she enjoys. She never knew a thing about me other than I enjoyed romance novels, which she noticed as she was not interested in them, and that I liked to play instruments. Oh, and that I wasn't doing well in school. That was pretty much the extent of her knowledge about me.

Then she talks about how she didn't want me to be like her, and the next breath lists out how many things my dad and her didn't have in common. So? Tells me in order to even like someone in her eyes, they need to mirror your exact interests, which her current husband most assuredly does.

To me, if Robert likes sports and I don't, so what? He goes and watches sports. Sometimes I watch with him, sometimes I go watch a horror movie. My husband doesn't like horror movies.

I mean there were scads of reasons why my parents sucked together, and in my opinion the fact that he liked sports and she didn't just wasn't that important. Now the fact that they were so self centered and everything was always about them.....hmmmmm. Hard for them to compete in that kind of environment.

As for their combined love of our pets, I am glad I wasn't one they all died horrible deaths. Mom didn't take a one or ever ask about their well being after she left. I am sure if she took one cat, the destitution would have been of gothic novel proportions. It's hard to imagine that at my age, she was as immature as she is describing.

Nope, three things. She says she didn't tell me of her affair because I wasn't her confidant or advisor, which is fine. Course it would have been just ducky if she had let me know about that before she left me with a father that was sure to take that out on me, oh and surprise me with the news. Nice huh? But my point here, and I need to be real vague as it is a family secret, one that my mom thinks only me and she knows, and while parties she would not like to know about this don't, course my husband does. She included me in an errand once that was highly inappropriate to take ones daughter to. I won't go into it more than that, but to tell me she was having an affair would have been far healthier.

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