Saturday, June 24, 2006

Less and Less bad news to report

Well, only bad news is life little things at the moment. Well, maybe not so little, like Rob's dad in rehabilitation right now for his hip. He's being a bit cranky at the help, and his family is talking to him trying to get him from being kicked out. I understand he may be difficult, but Jeez they should be used to these things. I don't trust so much these places that are supposed to be paid to take care of people who are aging and with mental disorders. They seem to complain about what I think must be on the lower end of the scale of patients that can be difficult.

I remember with Ben Gold, they were always trying to find a reason he could not stay in his assisted living. I mean, come on, this was not an inexpensive place here. There should be some things that they can deal with every now and again, and not be a flat out warehouse nursing home. Again, especially for what that place charged.

There's the worry of Rob's aging....parent. And then the worry of the corporate world that Rob lives in, while I try to build my business to where it just might be a going concern some day. I need to get on my marketing/sales ass more in that regard.

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